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Author Lestie May Zachary of When Old School Meets New School

When Old School Meets New School
by Lestie May Zachary


Discover When Old School Meets New School, a unique guidebook tailored for kids aged 11-14. Packed with compelling stories, lessons, and interactive activities, this book offers a total relationship-building immersion. While bridging old-school experiences with new-school challenges, it nurtures multigenerational connectedness in young minds. Start fostering healthy family bonds and lasting values today with this valuable resource.









Kent Sanders, Ghostwriter & Host of the Daily Writer Podcast

Lestie Zachary’s When Old School Meets New School is a fun-filled experience for kids of all ages, even though it’s intended for the younger crowd. I’ve been an adult for quite some time, but found myself having a blast going through the exercises and solving the puzzles. Learning to be respectful is a skill you need in every facet of life, and this resource will help everyone come together and grow in their ability to respect others.

Mindy Kiker, FlourishWriters

If you have any young people in your life, you'll want to gift them "When Old School Meets New School." Lestie May Zachary is a storyteller at heart. As an experienced homeschool mom and grandmom, she has a knack for making learning fun. The whole family will enjoy this interactive reading experience as you learn together the seven keys to being respectful. But beware! You kids won't want to stop, "Just one more, pleeease."

Hugh Chapman, Retired Special Needs Teacher

For parents looking for a summer reading project with excellently crafted stories and follow-up activities designed to strengthen reading comprehension, Lestie May Zachary has the perfect solution. This collection of Christian-based stories is meaningful, entertaining and clearly reflects human values such as authenticity, generosity, and humility while demonstrating the importance of wisdom and honesty in our day-to-day lives. The student who completes the project might very well take away lessons that will stay with them a lifetime.


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